Thursday, April 9

posted Apr 8, 2015, 11:57 AM by Chris Kelly

ELECTIVE CHOICES: 6th & 7th grade students - Remember to turn in your yellow or green form to the counseling office indicating your elective choice for next year.

BAND: ALL Day 1 Blue Band and ALL members of jazz band pictures are today. ALL Day 2 Silver Band bring your shirts for your pictures on Friday.

FLYERS: Minnesota Center for Reading Research is offering summer reading skills online programs to students who need a little more assistance in phonics, comprehension, fluency, textbook study skills, speed reading, and a love of reading. Flyers on these programs are available in the team areas or the main office.


JUNIOR HIGH GOLFERS: The shuttle buses to the Legacy will be located on the South side of the building in the Gravel Parking Lot by the football and baseball field.  Golf Shuttles will leave Forestview around 3:10 so you need to get out to the shuttles as soon as you can.  Remember, there is no return shuttle back to Forestview.  You need to get picked up at the Legacy when practice is done at 5:00.