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Administrative Staff

Jonathan Anderson
 Tom Cooper
Assistant Principal
 John Jacobson 
Dean of Students
 Derek Hendrikson 
Dean of Students
 Kimber Doty
5-8 Lead Special Ed. 

Forestview Student Handbook 16-17


School Start Time
1st bell: 8:20 AM
2nd bell: 8:25AM

School End Time
3:00 PM

Forestview School Tour

Dean Makey School Forest Map

The Dean Makey school forest is a designated MN School Forest. The forest is used for science activities, trail-walking, and cross-country skiing. The trails are well-marked, and there are overlook areas in the wetlands. It is one of the most used school forests in the state.

The Dean Makey School Forest was developed through cooperation between the Minnesota DNR, the City of Baxter, the Brainerd Nordic Ski Club, and Brainerd Public Schools.

The Department of Natural Resources designates school forests and describes the benefits to students, teachers, parents and the community. To read more about the DNR's school forest program, click here.

How is our forest being used? The Kindergarten Grove is a spot where kindergarten classes plant a tree from their class, as part of their Foss Science Unit called Trees. The kindergartners plant the trees, and when they reach 5th grade they visit the tree they planted.

Third graders spend a few hours in the school forest, as well. Third grade teachers have been trained to identify tree species, and teach math lessons using the school forest.

Click here to learn about a science project that captures critters (digitally) living in our forest.

For a large picture of the Dean Makey School Forest (including marked trails and special areas, click here.
Chris Kelly,
Aug 29, 2013, 3:59 PM