My Documents Transfer

Your My Documents folder is located on the district network. Your new laptop will not have access to this network place, so you will need to move all of your documents to your Google Drive. You can access your Google Drive from any web-connected machine.

Here is how you transfer documents from your My Documents folder, followed by a video tutorial.
  • Open your My Documents folder: Start "ball" > Computer > Your.Name (\\S110\UserHomes) (U:)
  • Open your Google Drive. Place the 2 open windows side-by-side. (Right click on the Taskbar at the bottom and choose Show windows side by side.)
You'll need to decide whether to automatically convert all applicable files to Google format, or if you'd prefer the files be left alone and converted as you need them. If you want to leave them as is, skip to the next step. 

If you'd like to convert your files, do this: Go under the Gear icon at the top right of your Drive > Settings > Select: Convert uploaded files to Google Doc editor format. This action will not affect files that don't have a Google doc format (ie. Interwrite, pdf, etc.)

Copying methods:
  • Drag individual files to My Drive
  • Drag Folders to My Drive or other folders
Converting files to Google Docs format AFTER you have transferred the file:
RIGHT-CLICK on the document and select Open With > Google Docs.


Transfer from My Docs to Google Drive