Transferring Documents

Transferring your documents from your old account ( to your new account (

Transferring Documents from old to new account

  • Log into your OLD account (your regular login plus

  • Go to your Drive

  • Create a new folder and call in Transfer

  • Drag all of your work into the Transfer folder

  • Right click on the Transfer folder and choose Share…

  • Type in your NEW address (your regular login plus

  • Click Send

  • Log out of your old address in the upper right corner

  • Log into your NEW address

  • Go to your Drive

  • Click on Shared with me

  • Drag that folder onto your My Drive

  • You’ll need to open every document you want to keep “forever” and choose Make a Copy.

  • This will put the copy into your My Drive, and you will own it.

You will have until February 12th to move you documents to your account.